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Turn Key Cell Site Deployment and Maintenance

Site Acquisition, Construction, Integration, Launch and Post-Launch Activities

Affinity CellNet can project manage  your requirements in proper network design, RF propagation, network coverage and capacity issues, acquisition of sites, construction, equipment installation and network optimization. Affinity CellNet is a certified Minority Business Enterprise that provides consulting services and staffing solutions in the Telecom and IT sectors

517 Telecommunications
517110 Wired Telecommunications Carriers
517212 Cellular and Other Wireless Telecommunications
5416  Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
517410 Satellite Telecommunications

Project Planning & Management Services for: LTE, UMTS, GSM and IT

We undertake tracking and management of projects and ensure timely installation completion of project which may include:
Base Station Antennas, Tower Mounted Amplifiers, Jumpers, steel, Accessories, Microwave Antennas, Coax, Remote Fiber Cables, PDUs, Bias -T, Surge Arrestors, Crossband couplers, Diplexers, Triplexers, RET components, RxAIT, MCPA,  Cabinets. Power Plants and cabling, Generators,Transport solutions and inside shelter equipment - Power Plant, Battery backup, Jumpers, Power cabling, racks equipment. 


Our database of contractors include technicians who understand all phases of wireless installation, including Telco, grounding, alarm cabling, power and batteries, antennas, troubleshooting and software diagnostics.

Our installation and optimization teams are trained by OEM’s to understand all aspects of the latest equipment releases and technologies such as CDMA, EVDO, GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiMAX. Our contractors have completed thousands of hot cut-overs during the performance of site, system and network upgrades.


  • Day Rates PO
  • OOM PO
  • Turf Vendor and Non-Turf Vendor Contractor assignments: Daily/Monthy/Annual Rate

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Affinity CellNet brings years of experience in providing complete construction management services including our self-performing teams, solicitation and selection of local construction companies, on-site construction management, ordering and coordinating power and Telco interconnections, facilitating required inspections and schedule adherence as well as reporting.

From NSB (New Site Build) to Augmentation, Affinity CellNet offer:

Site integration and pre-commercial launch is part of the service offering that includes site inspection, coverage and performance verification and site parameter accuracy. Each site is optimized by using the results of a conducted drive test to optimize the overall site performance against customer defined objectives.

Site pre-optimization follows the site integration where our engineering team verifies azimuths, down tilts, cables and all physical equipment on site. Other activities in this phase include 911 routing verifications, 800, 900, 411, 611 and 911 test calls, mobile-to-land and land-to-mobile test calls, intra and inter cell handoff verification and switch parameter verification.

Cluster and network optimization is tailored on a per project basis for both voice and data services to meet customer designated key performance indicator (KPI) objectives. The optimization process involves collecting performance data from multiple sources for engineering analysis followed by adjustments to a site or sites’ physical and logical parameters. The cycle is summarized as “Collect Data – Analyze – Implement Optimization Adjustments - Monitor and Repeat”.

Our capabilities include:

  • Effective implementation of our customer’s design
  • Experienced construction managers to oversee each project
  • Timely and accurate project status reporting
  • Fully automated tracking systems to track cost and flow of invoices
  • Database of  qualified subcontractors
  • Installation services
  • Procurement, warehousing and on-time delivery of all material and equipment


About Affinity CellNet
Affinity CellNet is a consulting firm that specializes in Telecom/ IT professional services.






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